All Hallow’s Eve

Yes, I know, Halloween was over a week ago, but I have not had a chance to sit down and blog about it yet. The Sunday we arrived home from the wedding in Hilton Head my sister flew in to spend the holiday with us.

Monday evening started the Halloween fun at Six Flags Over Georgia. Freight Fest was in its final days and the temperature was beginning to get crisp, but we were ready to ride those roller coasters! My sister and I have always been huge fans of roller coasters. It’s one of the few things we have in common, so we pretty much hit up theme parks whenever we’re together. Joining us were Jay and my friend Elliyah. The four of us had the best time running from ride to ride… until we rode the swings. They went up high and fast. Once we were done, we were all frozen popsicles ready to go home and drink something warm.

Tuesday evening, my sister and I had planned to carve pumpkins, make tacos, and watch Halloween movies. (sounds easy, right?) Well…. pro-tip: there are no carving pumpkins in stores the day before Halloween. We called and drove to about 10 stores before we got hungry and finally settled for mini-pumpkins. The night turned out fun anyway. We ate, carved our baby pumpkins, and watched Hocus Pocus & The Peanuts-Gang Halloween Special.

HALLOWEEN DAY: Wednesday morning, I put candy outside of our door, so our neighbors could take some as they headed to work. That night, I put on my Ravenclaw robe & neck tie to wear to dinner with my sister. We ate Chinese food and had a heart-to-heart chat. It was really nice to catch up with her and hear about her life in Houston. After dinner we drove to the airport and I said goodbye. Halloween was over and only gobstoppers were left outside my door.

Until next year, HALLOWEEN 🙂

Since I’m so behind, October’s Book of the Month will be posted next week, sorry for the wait! Perhaps you hate Halloween? Perhaps you hate roller coasters? You do you, boo.







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