Hilton Head Happily Ever After

Last weekend, Jay and I were invited to attend the wedding of one of his college friends. It was held in Hilton Head, SC which is about a five-hour drive from Atlanta. I can be honest and say I was not too thrilled to have to make the trip. I was VERY tired after the week and the thought of spending five hours in the car Friday night seemed unbearable. But I have the best fiancé in the world because he got me Taco Bell and drove the whole trip, so I could stuff myself with a bean burrito and sleep the entire way. We arrived to our Air B&B around 11pm. The condo was super cute, right on the beach, and the perfect size to share with some of Jay’s other friends. Saturday morning was a bit of a slow start on my end. I was tired, and I really just wanted to lay in the hot bath, shave my legs, and put on a sheet mask for hours… but I settled for 30 minutes.

After we finally got out the door (sorry housemates), we went to get brunch at a cute place called A Low-country Backyard Restaurant. It was DELICIOUS! I’m not a food blogger but this place was amazing, and I ate way too much. Next, we decided to do some window shopping at the Hilton Head Coligny Plaza Shopping Center. It was basically a big strip mall with fun shops where you can buy candles and oils. Eventually we found a wine tasting place that we were all thrilled to try. After the wine tasting, we passed the fish pond and strolled back to the car.

Post morning adventure we still had some time to kill. Naturally our condo was steps from the beach, so I couldn’t resist the urge to put my feet in the sand and breathe in the sea air. Wardrobe: SMU was playing Cincinnati that afternoon, so I was supporting my ‘stangs!

The wedding look place at the Long Cove Club Clubhouse. It was GORGEOUS. It is hard to put into works how fancy, beautiful, and fun the entire night was. The moment we opened the Clubhouse doors there were greeters there to hand us a glass of wine. We then made our way out to the said yard where the ceremony took place at sunset next to the golf greens. Wardrobe: I wore a dress from Francesca’s that I got on Clearance for $15! I was perfect for the occasion I felt comfortable and confident all night. There is still a blue version on the site available.

After the ceremony we had cocktail hour by an outdoor fire with an open bar a guitarist and plentiful appetizers. Every time we turned around there was more food to eat. I feel like this never happens at a wedding. Food is EXPENSIVE, so I feel like a lot of ceremonies feed people just enough, this was totally different. I ate WAY WAY too much that night.
The reception venue was inside. The centerpieces towered over the tables while candles and twinkle lights lit up the dance floor. It was truly a magical night. Jay and I danced so hard that I was sore for three days. I forgot to take a picture with Jay before my hair had fallen out, but I was glad I got one before we lift.

Sunday morning came, and all of the wedding guests were invited to a farewell brunch at Alexander’s Restaurant at the Palmetto Dunes Pavilion. The food was (surprise) delicious! After filling up on coffee, we said goodbye to the bride and groom and headed back to Atlanta. This time I drove so Jay could sleep. I was so excited to get back and prep the fridge and apartment for my sister’s visit!

My sister flew in that night and spent the next few days celebrating Halloween with us: Next week in the blog 😉

Perhaps you hate weddings? Perhaps you hate the beach? You do you, boo.







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