Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This week’s post is pretty late, but this project took a lot longer than anticipated. Since summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching, I dove into my fall wardrobe and said goodbye to my summer one. Recently, I was inspired to create capsule wardrobes for each season of the year.

What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a small number of clothing pieces that can be worn several different ways in multiple outfit combinations. I got the idea from one of my favorite YouTube families, Somewhere Devine.

The idea is to simplify your closet as well as your life. For each season, you will have 30 to 40 pieces that can be worn over and over in different styles. After each season is over, you put all the pieces away into a tub or airtight Ziploc and say goodbye till the next year. It’s fun to open it up the next year and re-discover your clothes. It is also helpful to try on everything and see what fits and what doesn’t. For example, I tried on a dress and a skirt from my closest that…well, let’s just say…no longer serve me. 🙂

My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe consists of 30 pieces (not including pajamas, workout clothes, basic t-shirts, swimwear, undergarments, socks or shoes):

  1. Dresses –

I like to wear a lot of blues and greens. The dresses above are from Target, J. Crew, Vestique, and Francesca’s. All of these dresses were under $100 and can be worn with different shoes, sweaters, or tights.

2. Skirts –

These two skirts were actually given to me while I was visiting friends in Hong Kong years ago. They are both from J. Crew. The gray one also came in purple, but I decided just to keep one and donate the other.

3. Tops –

All of the tops above can be worn with different skirts or pants. I like to wear 3/4 length sweaters and shirts in the fall. It’s the perfect time! Not quite summer and not quite winter. The tops above are from JCPenny, Ann Taylor LoftDressbarn, Eddie Bauer, and Francesca’s.

4. Pants –

I kind of hate wearing pants. Not going to lie but I’d much rather wear a dress or skirt. However, as things get colder, pants are inevitable. I have four pairs that will last me the winter as well as the two pairs of jeans I use year-round. The pants above are from New York & Company, Dressbarn, Ann Taylor Loft, Vestique, and J. Crew.

5. Cardigans/Jackets –

I have a few pieces of outerwear for each season. I have three sweaters to wear around the office and to church over dresses from JCPenny, Target, and Francesca’s. I also have one green moto jacket from Target that adds a bit more fashion and structure to my outfits. Next, I have a trusty fleece jacket from Eddie Bauer to keep me cozy and warm as colder temperatures approach. Last, I have my trusty SMU sweatshirt to wear for football gamedays! PONY UP!!

6. Formal Wear –

I go to quite a few formal events, so I decided to keep several pieces in my capsule for such occasions. For example, the three dresses are perfect for weddings! The gray is from Kate Spade and I wore it to my cousin Kenneth’s wedding. The green is from Dressbarn and I wore it to my friend Jennifer’s wedding. The blue is from Francesca’s and I wore it to my friend Reed’s wedding. The last is a romper from Vestique that I wore to my birthday last year. (I’ll probably wear it to my birthday again this year too!)

I’m so excited to wear this capsule wardrobe throughout the autumn season. I can’t wait to get to my winter capsule next!

Perhaps you hate clothes? Perhaps you hate simplification? You do you, boo.






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