Fantastic Florida

Last weekend Jay and I travelled to Jacksonville, FL to celebrate the wedding of Jay’s brother, Lee, and new sister-in-law, Karen.


Unfortunately, the trip was less then 24 hours but still well worth it. We left early Saturday morning after both getting off of work at 11pm the night before. Luck for me, Jay drove the entire 6 hours, so I was able to sleep and read the whole way. We arrived around 4pm and I picked up my new Florida mug. I have about 40 mugs in my collection. Not going to lie, they make me extremely happy to look at and drink out of.


Then we drove over to the bride and groom’s apartment. The ceremony was simple but full of fun and joy. We ate, drank, danced, watched NASCAR & Football (well…I did), and enjoyed each other’s company. It was well worth the drive. I had a wonderful time and wish I’d taken more photos. I was just too distracted with all of the fun. Here are a couple of the pictures of the first kiss, the vows, and the mother/son dance:

Late that evening we traveled over to Jay’s cousin’s apartment to go to bed. The adventure continued when we got there because Jay forgot to pack his air mattress so poor guy had to sleep on the hard wood floor. To be fair, I wasn’t too lucky either because the air mattress I slept on had a slow leak. By the time we got up in the morning, I was also asleep on the floor. I wasn’t too bad though, it gave me flashbacks to sleeping in Korea. Many times, while living there I slept on floor mats because it was a cultural norm. On Sunday, we drove back to Atlanta and I worked a 7-hour shift. Suffice to say, I slept really well Sunday night.

Thank you to to Lee & Karen for inviting us to celebrate your special day with you! Love you both and congratulations!!

Perhaps you hate weddings? Perhaps you love Florida? You do you, boo.



Update: After last week’s post I was feeling very very down about my unemployment situation. However, good things come to those who wait because I am officially employed! I’ll write some more about this later but for now, thank you for your positive thoughts, prayers, and support! XOXO


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