The Moving Chronicles

This past week has been another adventure. I finally moved! I like to do this apparently because I’ve moved every single year since I graduated high school. Yup… Anyway, along the years I’ve picked up some tips that I figured I should share.

1: Don’t move junk. Throw away, donate, and sell. Go through your things. The less you have the less you have to pack and move. This past week I made 100 bucks selling stuff that hadn’t been used or seen in a year. I read a fantastic book that I love to refer people to when they have trouble getting rid of things, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I even gifted my sister a copy this year for her birthday.

2: Moving is expensive. Save up and be prepared. It never fails that you have to put down a deposit or down payment, buy cleaning supplies, new furniture, decor, boxes, storage bins, or movers. It adds up fast so have some money saved and ready if you need it.

3: Give yourself time. Moving is very difficult and stressful to do in a rush. You’ll end up with more anxiety than it’s worth.

4: Ask for help. Every time I’ve moved I’ve had friends and family help me out. If you’re fortunate to have people in your life able to help, ask. Just remember to help them out when they need it in return. (Special thanks to Cody for helping us move this time, you are a saint!!)

My family flew in Friday and out on Sunday. They put in tremendous amounts of work and time helping me load up furniture and unpack boxes. They even gifted me new curtains and covered the cost of the UHaul. Thank you, Mom & Dad, ya’ll are the best parents on the planet! Love you both!

While there still is a lot to unpack and clean, I’m so happy to be fully settled into 1413.


More pictures will come soon, right now there is still quite a bit to organize and put away. Eventually a house warming party will be planned but for now, say goodbye to 305.

Perhaps you hate moving. Perhaps you love packing. You do you, boo.




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