Colorado’s Calling

Last Saturday I flew to Colorado to celebrate the life of my late Grandfather.


My grandpa George was my superhero growing up and his death has been extremely hard to handle. Fortunately, I have a wonderful and loving family whom I was able to mourn with over the past week. Here is a picture of some of us hanging out and visiting at my aunt and uncle’s home in Glenwood Springs, CO.


The ceremony-of-life took place on Sunday. The funeral was full of joy and sorrow. Each of my aunts, my cousins, my mother, and myself stud up individually and told stories and memories from the life of our father/grandfather. Here is a picture of me while I shared.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.36.41 AM

Lastly, my cousins and I sang Lean On Me together. We are a crazy musical family. All of us either played an instrument in band and/or sung in choir while in school. Many years of piano and voice lessons paid off when the six of us threw together Lean On Me (the day of) to sing for the ceremony. This musical number reminded me of my eldest cousin’s wedding a few years ago. The DJ was super surprised when my entire family hit the dance floor within seconds of the first song starting. He remarked that he had never seen anyone do that at a reception, typically it takes a few songs for people to “warm up” to the dance floor. Not this family! We love music and we love to dance. Here is a picture of us singing. I would post a video but…

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.29.10 AM

All in all, the funeral was a great way to remember my grandfather. The ceremony lasted the whole day and left us all emotionally and physically exhausted. The next morning, Monday, we woke up early to bury his and my grandmother’s ashes in Basalt, CO. Everyone said a few words, prayers, and last goodbyes. I’m so glad we got a beautiful morning to do this. God truly blessed us with good weather to say goodbye for a final time. A few days after this, wildfires tore threw the town.


Monday afternoon my parents, sister, and I drove to Frisco, CO to have lunch with my dad’s sister, aunt Lynn. It was so great to catch up with her and spend time hearing about her business, Harmony Interiors. Monday evening all the cousins spent time at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park riding rides and laughing together. Even though I’ve visited the park many times, each year they add a new ride or attraction so its been fun to see the park grow over the years. Here is a, not so flattering, picture of my cousin Chandler and me on a ride being blown by the wind.


On Tuesday my uncle Ken made me breakfast (THANK YOU UNCLE KEN!!), we said our goodbyes, and I flew back to Atlanta. The next day, Wednesday, was the 4th of July which I spent working out, working, and celebrating American independence with my ATL besties. Thursday was spent working out, working, and signing a lease on a new apartment! Over the next month I’ll be transitioning and moving slowly into a new complex. I will blog about the new apartment later. I need lots of advise on decoration and furniture deals. 😉

For now, the adventure continues. Today, Friday, I am about to head back to Texas to attend the baby shower of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Amanda. For those of you asking, the job hunt also continues. I had an interview last week that I’m still waiting to hear from. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for following my adventures, or not. You do you, boo.





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