California Dreamin’

This blog is long overdue. I was in California the first week of June to attend Jay’s cousin’s wedding in LA.


Jay and I arrived to LAX late on Tuesday evening. We took a Lyft to the cutest rental home in Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach is a good 45 minutes from downtown LA but it was the perfect place to stay since the wedding reception took place there. Soon after arriving I realized that I’d left my phone in the Lyft…oops. Luckily, Find My iPhone helped me to identify where it was and the Lyft driver was kind enough to return it to me the next day.

Wednesday morning we woke up early and headed to Disneyland! We spent the entire day riding rides, eating, and watching the shows. It was truly magical. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos since my phone hadn’t been returned to me yet but we did get one in front of the castle!


Thursday, we drove with some of Jay’s extended family to Temecula, CA. We went wine tasting at the cutest place called Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard. Jay and I got lucky because a member of the winery gave us free tickets for tasting. (Thank you, stranger!) The afternoon was beautiful and the wine was great. I loved walking through the vineyard and spending time in the sunshine.


Thursday evening Jay and I took a trip to Griffith Observatory in LA. I love space and science. I’ve been obsessed with the stars for as long as I can remember. At Griffith, we looked through their telescope to see Venus and 4 of its moons. Afterward we walked around the museum and explored the exhibits.

Afterward we drove to House of Pies which is a famous restaurant where greats like The Beatles went to eat while in LA. We got 4 different kinds of pies. No lie, the pecan pie was the best pie I’ve ever eaten in my entire life and I’ve eaten a lot of pie. Friday morning we went paddle boarding before the rehearsal dinner. I got super sunburnt cause I didn’t reapply sunscreen, oops. Note: I’ll do a blog on kinds of reef safe sunscreen soon 😉


The rehearsal dinner was in San Pedro, CA at Neil’s Pasta & Seafood Grill. It was delicious and such a fun evening. We ate, drank, and cut up. Here is a pic of Jay and I at the dinner. IMG_7866.JPG

The wedding was Saturday afternoon in San Pedro, CA at Mary Star of The Sea Catholic Church. It was a beautiful church and a sweet intimate ceremony. Afterward the wedding party and families went The Portofino Hotel and Marina to take pictures and attend the reception. We ate, drank, and danced. And danced. And danced. It was a fantastic evening full of love and fun. I am so incredibly grateful to Adam & Alex for inviting me to their wedding and festivities. I had the best time.

Sunday, we flew back home to Atlanta exhausted, sunburnt, and happy.

Perhaps you hate California, perhaps you don’t. You do you, boo.




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