Tennessee Time

I arrived home from Texas for a week of “regular” life in Atlanta. I threw a pool party where 18 people showed up, attended two going away parties, went dancing with girlfriends, got allergy shots, played Risk for hours, worked out, and worked 8 hour shifts at Dick’s each day. Needless to say, it was a busy 9 days but sleeping in my own bed each night was fantastic.

This week’s itinerary consisted of a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. On Tuesday morning, Jay and I left for the four hour road trip. We drove through north Georgia, western North Carolina, and through the Great Smokey Mountains National Forest. If you have never driven through these mountains, do it. It is beautiful!


The house we stayed in was a HUGE cabin in the woods. It had 10 bedrooms, 18 queen beds, 4 full baths, and 2 half baths. It also had a full size video/arcade games, two decks, a hot tub, movie theatre room, and a pool table. There are pictures in the hyperlink above, it was a very neat place. It also was big enough to fit the 25 people who called it home this week. Being with family daily was so fun. We ate dinner together each night at long cafeteria tables then sat on the porch drinking and chatting till late in the evening. Each night at 9:30 we watched the fireworks at Dollywood from the deck. Yes, it was as dreamy as it sounds. I didn’t take many pictures during our time in Tennessee because I was trying to be as present as possible. However, on Thursday Jay and I went hiking through the National Park to Laurel Falls.


Friday we drove back and attended the Lea Michele and Darren Criss concert in Atlanta. It was a great show, if you have a chance to attend, I highly recommended it! Today, I fly to Denver to spend a few days with my family to celebrate the life of my grandfather and put him and my grandmother to rest.

Signing off but… you do you, boo.




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