Murder on the Orient Express

Book and Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Last December, I drove from Atlanta to Charleston to spend a few days with my boyfriend’s family before Christmas. The drive was about five hours and I chose to spend the time reading (or rather listening to the audio book) Agatha Christi’s classic novel, Murder on the Orient Express. The book was the perfect blend of mystery and suspense. I could not have guessed the ending if you’d asked me. Typically, I’m not one for novels but this was a fun and interesting read that never lost my interest over the hours. The book details the investigation of a murder that happens on a train traveling from Istanbul to Paris. All of the passengers are suspects and the fierce investigator, Poirot, has to figure out who was the killer.

Tonight, I traveled from Atlanta to Houston to visit some friends for my last weekend of spring break. On the flight, I was able to watch the newest film adaption of Murder on the Orient Express. I probably should have been working on my thesis but I couldn’t resist. The movie came out last fall and I was excited to see it as an in flight option (Thanks Delta!) I was curious how the movie would stand up to the book. Overall, I can stay that it followed the plot line fairly close but, as any good screenplay, they took some creative liberties. There are a few scenes where action happens that did not occur in the original book. In my opinion, the action sequences are a bit out of place and odd but perhaps I’m too critical. Additionally, the movie moves REALLY quickly and there is a lot less time to “figure things out” as an audience.


My synopsis:  read the book then watch the movie. This will help you to fully understand all the characters (there are a lot) and give you more time to come up with your own theories as the plot unfolds.

Perhaps you hate books? Perhaps you hate movies? You do you, boo.








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