What’s in a name?

When I first started this blog many years ago it was called “michelle.” The name is obviously mine, but the lowercase spelling and period came from the notes that my best friend, Katie, and I used to write to each other when we were roommates. We had dry erase markers and almost every day we’d write encouraging notes to each other on the bathroom mirror. Mine was always signed “michelle.”

Katie and I last Christmas:


When I decided to revamp my blog, I decided to rename it a bit by adding, “Best” before the “michelle.” Why? After I started graduate school and began reading thousands of emails, I found that everyone signed their names with, “Best.” This was used instead of sincerely or blessings which I was used to. Eventually, I too began to sign off on my emails with, “Best.” Due to this trend, I decided it was a great way to end each blog post.

Originally, my tag line was, “my bell. these are words that go together well.” After the Beatles song. My mother used to sing me that song all the time growing up. However, this past fall I read a book by Sarah Knight called You Do YouIt’s the third in an amazing non-fiction series that I will review on here one day. (Promise) Shortly after reading that book I realized that a girl I work with would say, “you do you boo”, all the time. I loved her effortless way of not letting things get to her. Due to my friend, Erlande, and Sarah Knight’s book, I decided to change my tag line to, “you do you, boo.”


There you have it. The reason’s behind my blog decisions.

Perhaps you hate The Beatles? Perhaps you don’t care? You do you, boo.




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