If you know much about me, you know that I love podcasts. I regularly listen to about 20 of them. I like true crime, pop culture, history, science, politics, etc. You name it, I’ve listened to it. One of my absolute favorite podcasts is called “Ladygang” it’s hosted by 3 celebrities who sit around talking about themselves, play games, interview people, and give advice to listeners. It sounds pretty generic but the best part of the Ladygang is the fact that it has actually started a real life club of-sorts. There is a Facebook group where anyone can join to get advice and make friends with other people, mainly women.

In my opinion, the best part about the Ladygang are the seasonal subscription boxes. Yes, I said it, don’t judge me. I legit LOVE subscription boxes. It’s like Christmas several times a year. And who doesn’t like being surprised with new stuff? Yesterday, I got my Spring Ladybox and I was like a kid in a candy store ripping the thing open. I even left work at CDC early so I could be home before the office closed to pick up the box. (Yes, it was that serious).


Advice for you:

Start by listening to the podcast! It is seriously one of my favorites, I look forward to it every Tuesday. I’ll add a link below incase you’re curious about trying it out: Jokes aside, it’s worth it.

Ladygang Pod 

Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of my most recent Ladybox. (I was too excited to stop and snap a pic) So I included some pics from a previous box that I got last fall.


THE GOODIES – Fall 2017
Personal Rating of Products (1 lowest – 5 highest)

  1. AMIKA – FULL SIZE DRY SHAMPOO AND TRAVEL SIZE DRY CONDITIONER (5, best dry shampoo I’ve very used)
  2. JAC VANEK – UNBREAKABLE WINE GLASS (5, it’s plastic so it doesn’t break if you drop it, win!)
  3. LADYGANG – EXCLUSIVE MICROFIBER HAIR WRAP (3, It’s cute but I’m not a hair wrap kind of person, I don’t use it much)
  4. KOPARI – COCONUT SHEER OIL (5, I’ve recommended this to a million people)
  5. MUSELEY – “BYE BYE EYE BAGS” MASK (2, I saw no difference)
  7. E.L.F COSMETICS – HYDRATING BUBBLE MASK (5, they sell this stuff at Target. It feels clean and fresh. LOVE)
  8. E.L.F COSMETICS – NUDE KISS LIP OIL (2, Ehh, it’s cute but it’s just lip gloss…)
  9. KNOCK KNOCK – INNER TRUTH JOURNAL (1, I have yet to crack this thing open)

Well that’s all folks. Maybe you hate podcasts? Maybe you hate subscription boxes? You do you, boo.





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