Who am I now?


Last time I blogged was over three years ago. Perhaps four, but who’s counting. Now I find myself as a 27 year old ready to give this blogging thing a whirl again.

As I read my previous posts and look through photos, I realize that I am no longer that 22 year old who thought that everything in life was yet to come. At 22, getting married was something that seemed like a future problem. At 22, paying back my student loans seemed like a future problem. At 22, worrying about skin cancer seemed like a future problem.

It’s funny how eventually you wake up and those future problems are now problems. For example, last summer I had to have a spot cut off my back due to abnormal pigmentation. It wasn’t cancerous but the consequences of laying in tanning beds throughout my teenage years had finally come to haunt me.

You might be thinking “Okay, I get it. You feel old and wanna write about it.” Well, not exactly. Without getting too deep, I will say that this past year of life has been exceedingly challenging on multiple levels. I may share more specific experiences later but for now I can just say that I grew a lot. I started seeking therapy to deal with these challenges and I found that making videos helped me process my feelings. I would essentially just talk to myself on video, record it, and watch it back. It was VERY weird at first but it helped me to verbalize my feelings and put them into words.

That was the start of my new blogging journey. I used the videos to decompress and put my thoughts into words. This same theory is the idea behind this blog. The themes and ideas may be serious, dull, fun, or dumb. I can’t make any promises but what I can say is, I’m doing this for me and I invite you to accept it and read or deny it and go on with your own life. You do you, boo.



Headshot Spring 2018

My most recent headshot taken a few weeks ago. I tried something different with my hair and my parents agreed it wasn’t a good photo. I guess spending money on a new Ann Taylor LOFT blouse is a mute point if your hair doesn’t look good.


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