“Seoul” Train Style.

Sorry I missed writing post these past few weeks, things are now in full gear and life is as busy as ever. I’ll try to catch up this weekend but for now I thought I’d talk a bit about my trip to Seoul a few weeks ago. The main point of my trip was to meet with other missionaries in Korea and learn a bit more about the Korean Methodist Church. (Hint: It’s like the United Methodist Church but the Korean version.) I learned about their history, ministries, and some of their theologies. I won’t bore you with the details but it is quite interesting.

My first afternoon was spent with Esther Kim (a Mission Intern from the c/o 2012) and her friend DK. The three of us walked through local markets, ate Vietnamese food, and visited some tourist sites. We visited the Gyeongbok Palace and learned all about the emperors of Korea before the Japanese invasion. We also visited the Seoul N Tower where we were able to see the entire city and buy postcards.

2014-05-26 16.39.59 2014-05-26 14.47.41 2014-05-26 15.02.43 2014-05-26 16.12.25 2014-05-26 16.15.44 2014-05-26 16.23.33 2014-05-26 16.50.34 2014-05-26 16.58.42 2014-05-26 17.22.42 2014-05-26 17.28.35

2014-05-26 18.07.56 2014-05-26 18.19.21 2014-05-26 18.21.47 2014-05-26 18.22.03 2014-05-26 19.34.34

The next day, I met with Hong Duk Kim as well as Rev. Susan in the Korean Methodist Church offices. Rev. Susan helped me to learn about the history and culture of the Korean Methodist Church. She also took me to lunch and we discussed the hardships of being in a foreign land. She provided me with plenty of advice on how to deal with hard situations and how to make the most of your time while you’re in mission. I still hear a lot of her words echoing through my head as I face challenges today. After lunch we took a walk around the Ehwa and PaiChai school museums (Methodist schools located in Seoul). Lastly, I got a tour of the Chungdong First Methodist Church (the first Methodist church in Korea) and got to see videos of Appendeller (the first Methodist missionary to Korea) and his family while they worked as missionaries. That evening I rested in my hotel and finished the book, The Fault in Our Stars.

My hotel room:

2014-05-28 08.36.56 2014-05-28 08.37.18

The last day, I was fortunate enough to visit NCCK and learn about their work toward unification on the Korean Peninsula as well as all around the world. They are wonderful hardworking people who have a passion for God’s work. Esther Kim, DK, and I then took an official tour of Paichai School (the boys school), a tour of the old and new city hall buildings, then finished with lunch and a visit to The Scranton Women’s Center of the United Methodist Church. The women there were very welcoming and told me that I was invited to any and all events that I’d like to attend. Everyone I met felt like family and gave lots of encouragement.

2014-05-28 11.05.31 2014-05-28 11.23.17 2014-05-28 11.24.44 2014-05-28 11.32.24 2014-05-28 13.01.12 2014-05-28 13.21.38 2014-05-28 13.21.47 2014-05-28 13.32.22 2014-05-28 13.34.16 2014-05-28 13.34.33 2014-05-28 13.35.21

After that we hurried off to the train and I headed back to Busan.






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