beatles and bridges.

Last year when I was in London England, I had the honor of getting to walk across Tower Bridge. While I strolled across I was listening to the Beatles. This moment was of little significance until a couple of days ago when I got to walk across the new pedestrian bridge between Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN. As I was looking out over the Ohio River I began to hear “love, love, love…” from up ahead. I soon realized that the speakers on the bridge were spitting out the tunes of the most legendary group of all time. Quickly, I began to reminisce about my time in London and how far I’d come in one year. In the scope of about 14 months I had travelled to many different countries and states. I had graduated college and had accepted a position with the Methodist Church that allowed me to travel to these wonderful places and experience moments like the one I’d just had.

For the past week I’d been in Louisville speaking to different groups of people, trying to raise moral and financial support as well as working to recruit the new classes of young adult missionaries. I got to meet hundreds of fantastic Methodists from all over the Kentucky Conference as well as visit with the Louisville and Kentucky State University Wesley Foundations. These visits were the most special for me because I was forced to realize how important my Wesley Foundation was in my journey. (The Wesley Foundation is a Methodist organization of college ministries that exists all around the nation.) I was a part of the Southern Methodist University Wesley Foundation all through college. That place taught me what it means to be a mature christian and that it’s not easy or simple to live the life that God asks us to lead but it is possible and extremely rewarding. I got to work with students that were more mature than myself as well as others we were not. The sense of community and growth formed me into the woman that I am today. I am extremely thankful to everyone that has influenced my journey into adulthood but I am especially thankful to my Wesley Foundation and the people that were a part of it. 

I will talk about Kentucky a bit more in my future posts but I wanted to stop and say thank you to another person who has influenced my life in many more ways than one. Thank You and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom! I love you and I’m so thankful that God created me to be your daughter. You sacrificed your hopes and dreams to raise two strong woman. I Love You!

ImageLouisville Bridge.

ImageLondon Tower Bridge.


*I apologize in retrospect for any horrible grammer or spelling mistakes. Please do not be offended.* 



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