the time in between.

I don’t know how many times I’ve opened my wordpress account and attempted to write something to no avail. I’ve always struggled with blogging because I never thought anyone would be THAT interested in my life. I always viewed writing my own blog as being a pretentious act but I always enjoyed reading the work of others. So due to my enjoyment from other blogs and the fact that GBGM has asked me to start writing, here I am. 

Hi, I’m Michelle. I live in Bedford Texas and am about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. I have been chosen and blessed to be a missionary with the United Methodist church to Brazil for the next few years. I just have to get through the visa process. Many of you may stop reading this after I used the word “missionary” but hear me out. While there are still many people out there doing the “traditional” work of a missionary. Our church has striven to be different. We want to work WITH people and promote social justice around the world. While we still view evangelism as an important and essential part of our journey, it’s not our only goal. Our goal is to spread the word of God not only with our mouths but also with our actions and hearts. In Brazil, I will be working with a methodist organization called Shade and Fresh Water that was started by Gordon Greathouse. The program offers a safe and educational place where children can go after school to build character, confidence, and learn that there is more to the world than their schools and local neighborhoods. I’m super excited to be an empowering force in the lives of Brazilian children (and in Portuguese no less). 

You may be thinking, that’s all well and great but why is your blog entitled, “the time in between?” Lately I’ve be struggling, as many post college grads, with how to deal with the life after college. When you see the freshman moving in, organizations having events, and your old teams get new uniforms, without you. How do you celebrate whats happening to them without being a bit sad that you are no longer be a part of that community? After all, no one whats to be “that guy or girl”. No one wants to be the person who hangs around college functions with no good reason. Scripture calls us to use this time of emptiness as one of preparation. So instead of dwelling on the past, look ahead to the future. I heard a quote on a movie trailer this afternoon, “today is the youngest you’re ever going to be.” Luckily, I have an exciting future in Brazil. I just have to learn how to deal with the time in between. 

Blessings! michelle.

*sorry if there are horrible grammar/spelling mistakes. I apologize in retrospect.  

Image{At Missionary Commissioning – August 12, 2013}



3 thoughts on “the time in between.

  1. Michelle!
    I was talking to a friend about life after graduation and you totally summed it up with “the life in between”. It definitely describes what a lot of us are experiencing.
    I think your post was great and can not wait to read more about your journey.

    Best of luck to you!

    ps: your picture could be good advertisement for a shampoo company! haha

  2. Bahhh! I’m so excited for you!! Those little kiddos in Brazil are going to be showered with your kind and warm spirit! You’ll forget about college days and the (totally unexpected, overwhelming and under discussed) empty feeling of leaving that phase of life…your next step is going to FAR surpass those years…YOU GOT THIS! 🙂

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